Career Programming

Career Preparation

Career Preparation

The IM Club is dedicated to helping our members land their dream job in investment management. To that end, we offer resources to aid in every step of the recruiting process, from IM educational events to updates on the macroeconomic environment. Programming tailored specifically to the recruiting process are detailed below:

Recruiting Best Tips Seminar

Second year students share advice on resume and cover letter composition, networking, and more.

Interview Strategy Seminar

Second year students share advice on the types of interview questions to expect and how to best answer questions about your background, your passion for the business, and your stock pitch.

Mock Interviews

The best way to learn is by doing. Mock interviews are conducted by second year students and replicate a real IM interview.

Mentorship Programs

The IM Club aims to connect second year mentors with first year mentees with similar backgrounds and/or goals. We believe that the second year mentor is one of the most valuable resources that our members can have, assisting in industry education, offering recruiting advice, and providing all-around support. We also have paired with select firms to provide first years with professional mentors.

Mentorship Programs
Stock Pitch Preparation

Stock Pitch Preparation

The stock pitch is one of the most important components in securing a job in investment management and the IM Club offers several different sources to assist on this front as detailed below:

Stock Pitch 101 Tutorials

These tutorials provide members guidelines around the content, structure, and delivery of a typical stock pitch.

Weekly Stock Pitch Sessions

The club hosts weekly stock pitch sessions whereby members can sign up to practice pitching a stock. Upon completion of the pitch, members are deemed “Equity Research Analysts”.

Inter-MBA Stock Pitch Competitions

The IM Club offers members subsidies to compete in stock pitch competitions hosted by business schools across the country.